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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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> New Application note demagnetization of assembled bearings
Demagnetization is a common process in the bearing industry. In the bearing production process rolling body, outer and inner ring are normally separately demagnetized before assembly. Residual magnetism originating from assembly processes remains often unnoticed. Numerous known damage mechanisms that reduce lifetime can be attributed to residual magnetism. Hence residual magnetism limits became widespread as an essential quality criteria within the bearing industry.

Application note

> New demagnetizer MM JE
Maurer Magnetic AG presents the new demagnetizers of the product series MM JE165 / 266 / 300. They can be used either manually or being integrated in automated processes. This surface type demagnetizers are well-suited for demagnetizing tools or flat parts. The new developed and patented "Automatic Field Decline Technology" function, prevents a magnetization of the workpiece when the device gets switched off, before the part is removed from the magnetic field of the degausser.

Demagnetizer MM JE

> New White Paper
Demagnetization of large surface steel objects before welding)

Large steel components are mainly joined by welding processes. The weld has often impact on safety, which is why the weld seam quality has a particularly high weighting. Residual magnetism reduces the quality and durability of the welds by disturbing the welding process (magnetic arc blow) and enhances susceptibility to magnetocorrosion (hydrogen embrittlement induced by magnetic fields). This paper introduces a new process for demagnetization of large steel surfaces.

White Paper

> New measuring instrument M-Test LL for residual magnetism (01.2014)
The demand to detect and measure even the smallest magnetic spots on ferromagnetic components requires a special metrology. The high requirements were implemented in terms of a sustainable and expandable product base by a fundamental new product development. The M-Test LL is to be understood as a technological platform that can be implemented with both manual and automated measurement tasks. Program code for instruments with software is available as open-source.

> New process for demagnetizing large pipes (2013)
Maurer Magnetic is developing in cooperation with the German company Schuler a new demagnetization process for large pipes. The process is suitable for the demagnetization of pipes with diameters ranging from 20 to 120 inches directly in the pipe work.

> Organization of a distribution network in France (2013)  
The company Qualisco becomes the agent of Maurer Magnetic AG in some areas of France.

> Full coverage of Germany with distribution partners (2013)  
The companies Technisches Büro Gehlhaar GmbH and WiFTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH take over the representation of Maurer Magnetic AG per September 2013 in the remaining areas NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and southern Hesse.

> Maurer Magnetic AG expands sales structure in Germany  
The company Bock & Strothmann GmbH is taking over the representation of Maurer Magnetic AG in the core areas of lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.
The locations in Langenhagen and Bielefeld serve clients of the division Magnetizing&Demagnetizing Technology.

Maurer Magnetic AG provides demagnetization process for NASA MMS Mission

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center plans for the year 2014 the unmanned exploration mission MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission) for the deeper study of magnetic reconnection. The highly sensitive instruments and the accurate navigation of the four unmanned spacecraft of MMS mission require highest magnetic cleanliness of all ferromagnetic components. The proprietary pulse demagnetization developed by Maurer Magnetic AG has been tested by NASA and the high demands were met. The project was successfully completed by delivering a specified demagnetization process to demagnetize the ferromagnetic components of the spacecrafts during assembly on the ground.

Impressions from the opening ceremony of 29.9.2009

Maurer Magnetic AG (company of shareholders) invests in spite of the crisis

At the end of September 2009, the Maurer Magnetic Company, a family enterprise, was able to inaugurate their extension building in Grüningen. The latest field of technology of the enterprise, the demagnetizing technology, has thus found a new home.

This summer, the Maurer Magnetic Company has been able to complete the extension building for this new field of demagnetizing technology. More than four million Swiss francs have been invested by the enterprise into this new building, which has been constructed according to minimal energy consumption standards. The extension building was duly inaugurated at the end of September 2009. As a consequence, the Maurer Magnetic Company, the new market leader of the degaussing technology, is well equipped for the future.

Mr. Albert Maurer, the company owner, confidently states: “we understand magnetism and we are specialists in the field of demagnetizing. There is nothing which is impossible.” The new technology of changing field demagnetizing now enables the enterprise also to demagnetize layer, plug and bulk materials in large scale manufacture. This is more efficient and less time-consuming than traditional technologies, which were based on the processing of individual parts.

In order to demagnetize physically correctly, four conditions must be fulfilled:
– A high magnetic field
– The number of pulsations
– The precision of the amplitude characteristic, phasing out to zero
– An appropriate frequency

“Traditional technologies have been characterized by always one of the components not properly functioning“, Mr. Maurer explains. “Often, the magnetic field, that is to say the power, was insufficient. In order to achieve optimal demagnetizing, however, all the components must favorably combine.” The technology employed by the Maurer Magnetic Company has achieved demagnetizing to such an extent that no re-magnetization of the relevant parts occurs.

Two examples, from industrial application and railway technology respectively, illustrate the employment of this demagnetizing technology:

“A leading Swiss manufacturer commissioned us to demagnetize stainless inoxidation springs, which were difficult to demagnetize, up to a limiting value of <2A/cm “, Maurer states. Preliminary tests with a crate full of bulk material did not only reach the required limiting values without any problem, but also revealed a further decisive advantage of productivity. “The customer bought one of our devices
and now processes a large amount of their spring production in our demagnetizing device before the cleaning. They have recognized the fact that the cleaning process has become much more efficient and faster, when the materials are previously demagnetized”, Mr. Maurer explains.

The removal of magnetism from steel parts, however, also finds application in other fields. Electromagnetic rail brakes of locomotives and rail coaches, for example, which are employed in cases of rapid stops and emergency braking, magnetize the relevant rail sections and cause the formation of a magnetic pole on the rail screws. These magnetic poles inadvertently influence the sensors of the railway compositions when these are overrun, which causes signal interference of the train control and, at certain travelling speeds, triggers an emergency brake.

This new technology has been developed together with the ETH in the course of the last years. With the many new patents, which have been granted from all over the world, the Maurer Magnetic Company has become one of the most innovative enterprises in the field of demagnetizing. The systems are produced in Switzerland and mounted in Grüningen.

For more information see www.maurermagnetic.ch

For any queries please contact:
Albert Maurer, managing director
Industriestrasse 8-10
8627 Grüningen
Telephone 044 936 60 30

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> Magnetic foiles extra strong

   Magnetfolie extra strong
  Magnetic foile made of strong neodymium material

> Neodymium-Magnets N45SH

   Neodymium-Magnets N45SH
  New range of products for application at temperatures of up to 150°C