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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Demagnetizers powered by-


A quantum leap in the alternating field demagnetization

The internationally patented Maurer-Degaussing-Technology outperforms ordinary tunnel and plate demagnetizers by far. This demagnetization process allows eliminating residual magnetism of almost any parts and guarantees repeatability of results. The process is highly efficient and allows productive and energy-saving operation.

Below-mentioned demagnetizers include Maurer-Degaussing-Technology and are offered exclusively by Maurer Magnetic AG. The complete product-program of powerful demagnetizers meets all requirements of modern manufacturing processes. Notable companies from the automotive industry, metal processing and medical technology use this technology.

Click here for more information on our CFT® - CONSTANT FIELD TECHNOLOGY demagnetizing services

Click here for more information on our FMT® - FIELD MULTIPLICATOR TECHNOLOGY demagnetizing services

Sales / adresses

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 Power and Speed
  The most suitable degausser for each demagnetization task.
> High Precision Demagnetizer MM DN + KE 
  High Precision Demagnetizer MM DN + KE
  The high precision demagnetizer degausses complex single parts or small volumes of bulk material. It produces reproducible results by means of pulsed demagnetization. The device is designed as a workstation for manual operation.

> Industrial CFT-Demagnetizer MM DN + CT-U

   Industrial Duty Demagnetizer MM DN + CT-U
  The reinforced coils are available in eight different sizes. These demagnetization devices are suitable for manual as well as automated operation. The powerful degaussing field demagnetizes thick-walled parts successfully.

> Demagnetization prior to parts cleaning processes MM DN + SE

   Demagnetization prior to parts cleaning processes MM DN + SE
  The power of the new MM DN + SE demagnetizer is designed to meet current requirements defined by the fine- and ultra-fine cleaning machine manufacturers. Standard cleaning baskets are covered by the wide spectrum of available coil dimensions.

> Industrial FMT-Demagnetizer MM DN + VE

  Industrial Duty Demagnetizer MM DN + VE
  High performance and optimal energy efficiency makes this degausser the trendsetting device for industrial applications

> Rod / Tube Demagnetizer MM DN + RE

    Rod and Pipe Demagnetizing Device MM DN + RE
  These efficient tube demagnetizers are particularly suitable for the demagnetization of tubes, bars and profiles. They are particularly effective at a high filling ratio.

> Product Program High Performance Demagnetizers

   Product Program High-Performance Demagnetizers
  State of the Art technology in the line of demagnetizers produced by Maurer Magnetic AG for maximum productivity and quality. Large bulk-material volumes, magnetically most difficult parts or big single parts/assemblies with a weight of several tonnes are demagnetized completely.

Maurer Classic

Traditional devices reliably perform demagnetization tasks and are most suitable for the simple applications.

> Demagnetizer MM JE

  Demagnetizing Table MM PE
  Yoke demagnetizers MM JE165 / 266 / 300 are surface type demagnetizers developed by Maurer Magnetic AG. They can be used either manually or integrated in automated
processes. Yoke surface type demagnetizers are well-suited for demagnetizing tools
and lower parts.

> Hand-Held Demagnetizers MM HE (HE1 not available)

   Demagnetizing Devices MM HE
  These handy devices are suitable for the removal of local magnetic fields which are located on surfaces. Even hard magnetic places are removed by the powerful field.

> Loop Demagnetizers CT

   Loop Demagnetizers
  For applications with continuous duty and for parts which can be easily demagnetized, tunnel demagnetizers of the CT-line are most suitable.
We place the experience of our engineers at your disposal in order to find the perfect system for your application.




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