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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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The company

Founded in 1923, Maurer Magnetic has become a company with
tradition and a strong partner in magnetic technology. We are an ISO-certified industrial supplier with our own innovative products.

Our range of products and services are highly esteemed by our customers in Switzerland as well as abroad (our export share in Europe, the USA and other places, exceeds 50%).
Since the year 2004, we have developed new markets all over the world with our own, revolutionized technologies in the spheres of magnetizing as well as demagnetizing applications.

The sum-total of the share capital of the company is in the possession of the Maurer Family. Continuous re-investment of profits in previous years has generated constant growth, exclusively financed by our own resources, a policy which shall be adhered to in the future.

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The Guiding Principles of our Company

Ordered today, delivered today; this is no empty promise but tradition. Our well-stocked warehouse with more than 2000 catalogue items on stock, serves as a guarantee for this. We stock products from producers with a world wide reputation, while continuously expanding our own range of products.

Expert knowledge, years of experience and innovative ideas lead to imaginative and customised solutions.

Our engineering department develops customised solutions for Magnetizing as well as Demagnetizing systems with a wide range of different performances.

Competence and high standards are achieved through
• the profound understanding, analysis and verification of the needs of our
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnetecustomers.
• the careful selection, formation, cultivation and service we maintain with
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagneteour suppliers from all over the world.
• the efficient and continuous education of our employees.
• the provision of the necessary resources, which are maintained and kept
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagneteup to date with the latest technology, in order to avoid any outsourcing of
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
the essential know-how.
• the continuous examination and improvement of the individual processes
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnetefrom a holistic point of view.

The high standards of quality of our products and services belong to the basic principles, which guarantee the successful development of our enterprise in the long term. These are supported by the management system, according to ISO 9001:2008.

The security of the workplace and the health of our employees deserve priority among our important considerations. In order to realise these objectives, we work according to the EKAS-guidelines 6508.

Quality Assurance

The satisfaction of our customers is our success. Therefore, quality is the focal point of our range of products.
Products must conform to determined standards of quality.

Modern measuring and testing devices are at our disposal: The permagraph, instruments for the measuring of the magnetic field, developed by our engineers, as well as traction engines to test the adhesive strengths and the magnetic properties.

Extended tests involving temperature and climatic chambers or, the HAST-Test (Highly Accelerated Stress Test), provide information on the long-term behavior, the corrosion resistance, etc.

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