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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Magnet technology

The basis for any optimal application is established by the correct choice of the magnet materials. These are categorized as follows:

  Neodymium - magnets (NdFeB)
>   Samarium – cobalt - magnets (SmCo)
>   Ferrite - magnets, plastic-ferrite – magnets
>   AlNiCo - magnets

Under the following links you find more on the topic of magnet materials and magnet characteristics:

  Materials characteristics inclusive of demagnetizing curves
  Extra information on magnet materials
  Kinds of magnetizing
  Technical terms and their explanations

Our range of approximately 2000 stocked items offers the optimal magnet solution for most applications. The magnet catalogue lists most of these items – the following index has been designed in order to simplify your search:

  Single magnets from the range of permanent magnets have been listed according to magnet materials, shapes and dimensions.
  In the chapter on magnet systems, you will find items such as barrel type magnets, flat grippers, magnetic plugs, magnetic holding plates, magnetic strips etc.
  Magnetic clamps, lifting magnets etc. are listed under magnetic tools.
  In the range of office magnets / planning magnets, there are also items for decoration, magnets for name plates, suspension magnets, magnetic foils, magnetic tapes etc.
Specific requirements such as: dimensions, magnetic material, coatings or delivery contracts are our goal. For you we offer the best possible opportunity.


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