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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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Magnete, Dauermagnete, Permanentmagnete, Haftmagnete
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  Application note demagnetization of assembled bearings

Numerous known damage mechanisms that reduce lifetime of bearings can be attributed to residual magnetism. Hence residual magnetism limits became widespread as an essential quality criteria within the bearing industry.

  Application note demagnetization of buildings - KIT-KATRIN Hall (11.2014)

Demagnetization of buildings - Pulse demagnetization of the KATRIN-Hall (30x20x15m) with the mobile power module MM DM200-PC and flexible demagnetization cables K8/10-30.

   Maurer Magnetic AG (company of shareholders) invests in spite of the crisis (October 2009)

At the end of September 2009, the Maurer Magnetic Company, a family enterprise, was able to inaugurate their extension building in Grüningen. The latest field of technology of the enterprise, the demagnetizing technology, has thus found a new home.

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New building Maurer Magnetic AG

Demagnetizing of set material prior to the washing process

The basic data of multiple parts processing in demagnetizing

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